Turn Your Ideas Into a Visual Business Plan

Make My Idea Real can help take your ideas, concepts, and thoughts and turn them into a business plan. We visually translate your ideas into a plan, so you can see the connections and gain a deeper understanding of your vision. As a business management consultant, we will condense and simplify your plan to jumpstart and improve your business or idea. With our unique programs, we’ll help you create the map to your success.

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Ready To Make Your Ideas Real? So Am I!

Get Help from the MindMapping Expert, Lisa McCarthy, and start turning that napkin idea into a reality! A business coach like Lisa can help simplify and focus your business plan so you're ready to take action.

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For Those Seeking To Transform Their Ideas Into Reality

Businesses and inventions often fail because there is not a clear plan or understanding of what the next steps are.

A managing consultant will help identify all the parts of your business and enable you to create a path that is comprehensive and breaks down all the functions of your business. Breaking your business down into categories like this allows us to identify the necessary team, skills, and tasks required to achieve the overall objectives.

Our consultant company wants to help you get your project up and running so it can be a success!

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Business Management Consultant Helping Entrepreneurs

Some of the types of entrepreneurs our consultant company has helped in the past include:

  • Inventors

  • Start-Ups

  • Automotive

  • Personal Development

  • Authors

  • Speakers

  • Service Providers

  • Event Planning

  • Real Estate

  • Non-Profits

  • Software & Apps

  • Personal Services

  • Beauty

  • Culinary

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